Air injection

Depending upon the plant’s capacity, venturi elements or air blowers are used to aerate the biology. Taking advantage of the existing recirculation flow to save associated air blowers or compressors, smaller systems will incorporate venturi pipes and save additional operational energy.

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By passing fluid through a constricted section of a pipe, low pressure is created around this constriction zone sucking air into the pipe.  The air is moved by the stream and blown into the biology tank where bacteria colonies are grown. The bacteria colonies eliminate organics from the treated liquid.

For air injection, APATEQ plants, larger than 25 m³/day, use state-of-the-art injection blowers. When possible, venturi elements will be installed. To prevent mechanical downtimes, the plants’ critical systems are designed with redundant air blowers and pumps. Therefore, if one component fails, the back-up device will provide continuous operation. To ensure consistent component wear, the redundant equipment alternates operation between the devices.